RISE Pacific Training

We offer nationally recognised training courses at our specialised training centres across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our team are accredited trainers and assessors in a variety of rigging, safety and rescue courses.
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SPRAT Rope Access - 5 Days

RISE offer rope access training through the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

Each level consists of 4 days of training and 1 day of assessment.

Learn how to abseil from buildings and manoeuvre through difficult locations with this rope access ticket. A big emphasis is placed on rescue procedures and efficient access techniques.

If you’d like to join the industry or move through the levels contact us or book below.

SPRAT Rope Access Level 1 - 3



This course is tailored for team members in a vertical rescue response team. It can be matched to the setting desired ie industrial or wilderness.

The course outline covers all aspects of vertical rescue including:

  • Mechanical advantage

  • Stretcher packaging and management

  • Artificial high directionals

  • Personal vertical mobility

  • Knots and anchoring


Confined space - 2 to 4 Days

We can offer the full suite of confined space access and rescue training. There are a number of individual nationally recognised courses to make up the full package. Some key courses are listed below:

  • Enter and work in a confined space

  • Enter confined space

  • Work in accordance with an issued permit

  • Gas test atmospheres

  • Operate breathing apparatus

  • Undertake confined space rescue

  • Demonstrate first attack fire fighting


Working safely at heights - 1 day

This is the ideal entry course into the industry. It covers the key aspects of working with height safety equipment and the relevant legislation that applies to this area of work.

We typically run this course alongside our rescue systems operator training as these two skill sets come hand in hand.


Rescue Systems Operator - 1 to 2 Day

If you’re looking to expand your rescue capability with proprietary rescue kits this is an ideal course for you. We tailor this course extensively as it is very important to train and rehearse your rescue plan as close as possible to the situation you might encounter. See examples of our tailored training below:

  • Jump form rescue

  • Wind turbine rescue/evacuation

  • Entertainment rigging rescue

  • EWP rescue